Notes From the Pastor’s Study September 29, 2020

March for Jesus this Saturday. How wonderful it was to gather Sunday as the Body of Christ. I appreciated Verma’s testimony and exhortation to us to serve outside the four walls of the church. The 22nd March for Jesus is this Saturday, March 3 at 10 a.m. This is a project dear to Verma’s heart. Can I prevail upon you to come out and support her this year for the march? Maybe you’ve never participated in the March for Jesus. Come on out. Bring the kids. Its a lot of fun. We will start marching at 10a.m. from the Tommy Perkins (little) park. We will walk down main street to show our love for Christ and then we will head back to the park and have some music, preaching by Mikey Pasqueda from FBC Archer, and a free lunch. We will give away bikes and new sporting equipment. We will also be giving away a small Oscar Schmidt guitar.

Preaching Update. I preached on Numbers 7 this past Sunday. If you haven’t heard the sermon, here is the link. If you are paying attention, you will notice that I skipped the blessing passage at the end of Chapter 6. I will preach on that this Wednesday. I will also not be preaching Numbers 8. Chapter 8 discusses the lampstand in the tent of meeting and the role of the Levites. I covered the themes and applications that we find in chapter 8 when I preached on Numbers 3-4. We will be in Numbers 9 this Sunday talking about the second observance of the Passover.

Newsletter You can read the latest newsletter here.

Free Flu Shot Clinic. On October 12th from 9-11am United Regional will be here to offer free flu shots in conjunction with our food pantry. There is no fee for the shot and no income test to receive the shots.

Next Business Meeting will be October 18. We will have it directly after the service. There will be no meal served.

Fall Festival Let’s go ahead and start bringing in candy for the festival! The date is October 25.

Giving. If you haven’t brought your gift in for this week, please bring that into the office. We are about $2,000 short of regular budget needs.

The Bi-Fork Associational Meeting is October 4 at 3pm at FBC Seymour. Members of the Missions Committee will be attending. If you would like to go with us then let me know. I anticipate that at this meeting I will be elected to serve as an area representative for Region 2 of the association. We can sent 5 voting messengers to this meeting.

Upcoming State Conventions. We are dually aligned with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas. The BGCT convention will be held online on November 16-17. We can have 19 virtual messengers. If you would like to participate, let me know. The SBTC meeting is in person at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. November 9-10. If you would like to participate in that meeting as a messenger, please let me know. I am anticipating that I will be elected to serve a one year term on the BGCT Executive Board of Directors this November.