Notes from the Pastor’s Study- October 21, 2020

We will have our Mid-Week Service Tonight at 6:00 p.m. Please try to make it for worship. I will be preaching from Matthew 22 on the Great Commandments. We will start with a fun game for the kids, have a special time of worship music, a sermon, and then we are dismissed. The service usually runs about 45 minutes. I appreciate Brandon filling in while we went to Fields of Faith last week.

Youth: FCA Fields of faith was really different this year. The group from Olney was definitely the smallest of all the contingencies from the other towns. We had a handful of kids from our church that went. I would ask you to pray for our ministry to teenagers in Olney. I appreciate those who work with youth in Olney, especially our teachers and Rodney and Kristy Nantz. It can be really tough soil. Pray that God will move and work in the lives of the young people in this town. If you are a parent of a youth, I want to impress upon you the importance of making sure your kids are at youth. Yes, I’m asking you to make them come. This week we are going to be working on studying certain scripture verses and writing them down in the front of our Bibles so the kids can share Jesus with their friends by just reading with them from the Scripture.

Olney Alcohol Measure: I appreciate the feedback I received on my email to the church family regarding the alcohol issue. I’m sure that in a congregation as large as ours that not everybody agrees with me, but I appreciate your graciousness in considering my position.

This past Sunday (10/18) was a great day in worship at FBCO. I’m loving having everybody back in the praise team. We also have a new edition to the team. Thanks to Summer Branum for joining us on the Keytar!
If you missed Summer and Jessa doing “In His Time” as the special this past Sunday you should go back and watch it on YouTube. The sermon from Numbers 12 was a real joy to preach. I’m looking forward this Sunday (10/25) to preaching chapters 13-14 this week. The sermon is called “Grasshoppers and God Fearers.” Lori is going to sing the special! We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Make sure you are here- unless you feel like you are sick, of course.

Our attendance was down significantly and I know that is due to the spike in COVID-19 cases that have run through our schools, our community and our county. I know we all appreciate the caution that many are showing by staying home if they have symptoms. We have a few church members that are currently suffering with the disease. Please pray for them and their recovery. I have spoken with Jeff Harmon this week and I was encouraged to hear that he is moving toward a recovery, but it will take a while. I know Jeff and Denise all appreciate your love and support.

I love you! I look forward to seeing you tonight at Mid-Week worship!

Brother Chad