Notes From the Pastor’s Study – January 12, 2021

                Worship Sunday was lightly attended due to the snow.  If you have not brought your gift in this week, please get that in!  FYI: We were slightly off budget needs. 

                One of my favorite weeks of the year is here!  This Thursday and Friday the Young County Stock Show will be held at the arena in Graham.  I love seeing the kids show their different projects.  My kids have been raising their rabbits and looking forward to seeing how they compare with the others.  When got our bunnies they were just cute, cuddly little babies.  Now they weigh 5 lbs. and want to scratch your face off! 

                We enjoy the bunnies, but the purpose of the project is to develop the kids into responsible people who can take care of things that depend on them.  This past Sunday I spoke on leadership development and discipleship.  Our church is a big project.  Each of us is a project and collectively we are a project.  The project is a disciple-making project!  We need to be responsible to one another because we depend upon one another to live the Christian life.  I hope this year you will be committed to the project and to each other. 

                I was blessed to spend a couple of days at the Seminary last week.  I learned a great deal of information that I hope will make our church stronger.  I appreciate your support.  I am also blessed to receive a scholarship from the Hunnewell Foundation for half of my tuition. 

                 We some important things going on:
                1.  Food Pantry Volunteer Meeting directly after church this Sunday (1/17).  We need 8-10 Volunteer to serve in our Food Pantry Ministry.  Laura Dillard does a great job coordinating this ministry and serving our community.  She has a few faithful volunteers that help her, but not many from our church.  If you are not serving anywhere in the church, this is an easy way to plug-in and get involved!  I know we can do better to support Laura and this ministry.  We will have a brief volunteer meeting in the Parlor to get name and information.  The main jobs will be packing bags at the pantry, moving bags to the church, or handing out bags for distribution, and delivery to shut-ins.  It is astounding how many pounds of food the pantry gives out each month. 

                2.  New Member Class this Sunday (1/17) at 2 p.m.  Anyone interested in joining the church through baptism or letter/statement needs to attend the class to get the ball rolling.  In the class we go over the membership covenant and other ideas related what members and can expect and what is expected of members!  If you want to attend the class, let me know!

                3.  Short-Term Missions Conference at FBCO!  Saturday, January 30,2021 from 8:30am-2:30pm, Fellowship Hall
If you have been on a short-term trip or may go on one, please don’t miss this conference.  Mat Kountz, our missionary in Ecuador will be leading this conference.  Come learn how we can best help the long-term mission work with our short term trips!  Lunch will be required.

                4.  The God Who Speaks Adult Bible Study. Jake and Gunter are facilitating a study on Sunday evenings in the Sanctuary at 5 p.m.  Each study stands on its own, so all are welcome.  This is a study of the reliability and authority of the Word of God.  It is video-driven and features some of the best theological minds discussing how we can know the Bible is true.  Youth, Mission Friends, RAs, and GAs are meeting as well.  Come learn something new. 

                5.  Pray for our Youth Ministry search committee.  We are going to meet with a prospective candidate on the 22nd.  This process is moving slow.  We want to be obedient and careful to be diligent to find the young man the Lord is calling to help equip the saints here at FBCO! 

                6.     Pray for our Associational Work.  I am serving as an area representative to some of the local churches in the area.  Our church will be instrumental in this ministry, especially to some of the smaller churches in the area that we can assist.