Deacon Update 8/26/2020


*This Sunday 8/30 we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper for the first time in 2020. I met with Don and Doug this morning and we worked out a plan to hand out the elements to people as they come in. In this way we will avoid having to pass the plates. As people come in the sanctuary or the Fellowship Hall on Sunday you will hand them two cups stacked on top of one another. The bottom cup will contain the cracker and the top cup will contain the juice. We will observe the supper at the beginning of the service. I will lead the observance in the Sanctuary, Rodney Nantz will lead the observance in the Fellowship Hall. I thought it might be kind of awkward to participate with someone on a television, so I asked Rodney to help out.

*Make sure you come out for the baptisms after church this Sunday at the McClelland’s pool.

*I will need help from you guys leading classes and studies for our new Sunday evening schedule, which will run from September 13-December 6. I need 3-4 men to serve as RA leaders for the 1-6 grade boys. I also need people to facilitate the video-driven studies that I’m calling “Training Union.” To lead the class you will need to show a 20-30 minute video and then lead discussion questions afterward. The classes will run about 6 weeks each. I’m thinking of studies that will cover marriage, parenting, and general discipleship classes. If you can commit to lead one of these classes, please contact me. I’m going to be leading the youth, so I could really use some help.