Notes From the Pastor’s Study – January 12, 2021

                Worship Sunday was lightly attended due to the snow.  If you have not brought your gift in this week, please get that in!  FYI: We were slightly off budget needs. 

                One of my favorite weeks of the year is here!  This Thursday and Friday the Young County Stock Show will be held at the arena in Graham.  I love seeing the kids show their different projects.  My kids have been raising their rabbits and looking forward to seeing how they compare with the others.  When got our bunnies they were just cute, cuddly little babies.  Now they weigh 5 lbs. and want to scratch your face off! 

                We enjoy the bunnies, but the purpose of the project is to develop the kids into responsible people who can take care of things that depend on them.  This past Sunday I spoke on leadership development and discipleship.  Our church is a big project.  Each of us is a project and collectively we are a project.  The project is a disciple-making project!  We need to be responsible to one another because we depend upon one another to live the Christian life.  I hope this year you will be committed to the project and to each other. 

                I was blessed to spend a couple of days at the Seminary last week.  I learned a great deal of information that I hope will make our church stronger.  I appreciate your support.  I am also blessed to receive a scholarship from the Hunnewell Foundation for half of my tuition. 

                 We some important things going on:
                1.  Food Pantry Volunteer Meeting directly after church this Sunday (1/17).  We need 8-10 Volunteer to serve in our Food Pantry Ministry.  Laura Dillard does a great job coordinating this ministry and serving our community.  She has a few faithful volunteers that help her, but not many from our church.  If you are not serving anywhere in the church, this is an easy way to plug-in and get involved!  I know we can do better to support Laura and this ministry.  We will have a brief volunteer meeting in the Parlor to get name and information.  The main jobs will be packing bags at the pantry, moving bags to the church, or handing out bags for distribution, and delivery to shut-ins.  It is astounding how many pounds of food the pantry gives out each month. 

                2.  New Member Class this Sunday (1/17) at 2 p.m.  Anyone interested in joining the church through baptism or letter/statement needs to attend the class to get the ball rolling.  In the class we go over the membership covenant and other ideas related what members and can expect and what is expected of members!  If you want to attend the class, let me know!

                3.  Short-Term Missions Conference at FBCO!  Saturday, January 30,2021 from 8:30am-2:30pm, Fellowship Hall
If you have been on a short-term trip or may go on one, please don’t miss this conference.  Mat Kountz, our missionary in Ecuador will be leading this conference.  Come learn how we can best help the long-term mission work with our short term trips!  Lunch will be required.

                4.  The God Who Speaks Adult Bible Study. Jake and Gunter are facilitating a study on Sunday evenings in the Sanctuary at 5 p.m.  Each study stands on its own, so all are welcome.  This is a study of the reliability and authority of the Word of God.  It is video-driven and features some of the best theological minds discussing how we can know the Bible is true.  Youth, Mission Friends, RAs, and GAs are meeting as well.  Come learn something new. 

                5.  Pray for our Youth Ministry search committee.  We are going to meet with a prospective candidate on the 22nd.  This process is moving slow.  We want to be obedient and careful to be diligent to find the young man the Lord is calling to help equip the saints here at FBCO! 

                6.     Pray for our Associational Work.  I am serving as an area representative to some of the local churches in the area.  Our church will be instrumental in this ministry, especially to some of the smaller churches in the area that we can assist.    


Notes From the Pastor’s Study – December 8, 2020

            This week our Associate Pastor Search Committee is interviewing a couple of candidates for the position.  We appreciate your prayers as we work through the process.  If you see me showing a stranger around town, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and put your best foot forward!
            Because we will have limited time with the candidates and the committee, we will NOT have our Mid-Week worship service this week (12/9).  Thank you for understanding. 
                Also, please take note of the following dates and activities as we end the year:
December 9 – No Mid-Week
December 13 – 8am Deacon Meeting, 9:30am Sunday School, 10:45a.m. Worship. 
December 20 – 9:30a.m. Sunday School, 10:45a.m. Worship (w/Lord’s Supper Celebration, 12:00p.m. Business Meeting
December 23 – Christmas Candle-light Service
December 27 – 9:30a.m. Sunday school, 10:45a.m. Worship, 12:00p.m. Up/Down vote on 2021 Budget. 
December 30 – No Mid-Week
December 31 – End of year financial gifts are due in the office before noon, or must be postmarked by December 31.
                Mat Kountz is one of the missionaries in Ecuador with whom our church as a relationship.  Several of you support him on a regular basis.  Mat needs our help.  He is working on a seminary project that is required to complete his degree.  He needs to teach a missions seminar to people over 18 who have been on a short-term mission trip, or who may go on one in the future; long-term missionaries; missions agency staff; or church staff.  The class will last about 6 hours.  Mat will fly up and meet with us on January 30 to teach the class in the fellowship hall.  The cost of the conference is free.  All we need to do is purchase the plane ticket to get Mat up here!  It will be great to see him again.  Hopefully he can stay and preach for us the next morning. 
                It is interesting to think about 2020 coming so quickly to an end.  This year has honestly seemed like it has lasted forever.  It is hard to remember what things were like before COVID-19.  The pandemic has been awful for so many reasons.   I haven’t had it yet, but we all know someone who had suffered from it, and we all seem to know someone who has passed away. 
                As we look forward to a new year and a vaccine on the way, I start to think about what I have learned during 2020, the year of COVID.  Maybe you have learned a few of these things too. 
                First, I have learned to be flexible.  I didn’t realize how set in my ways I was until I the pandemic took my normal routine away.  Now I truly do believe that we have all learned to bend so we don’t break, especially in the face of unusual circumstances.
                Second, I have learned to be patient with those with whom I disagree.  From the earliest days of this pandemic, I experienced the greatest difficulty in ministry dealing with the various opinions on the virus and the reaction to the virus.  As we have learned more about the virus, my opinion has probably changed three or four times about the severity of the crisis and the proper response.  I get tired of the restrictions and then find myself becoming concerned that we aren’t being careful enough.  All of this has taught me to be patient with the circumstance and the people who are thinking differently than me about it.  There is much room for grace and longsuffering in times like this.
                Third, I think I have learned to be innovative.  The parking lot service, different ways of doing indoor services, new ways to distribute the Lord’s Supper, new ways to give, and learning new technologies have required us all to be innovative.  
                I’ve become more realistic and accepting of my limitations.  Early on in the pandemic, I became rather panicked and thought that the survival of the church depended on me.  That was silly, or course, but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I thought things would totally fall apart.  What I learned is that the survival of the church depends on Christ.  I only have so many hours in a day.  I have many tasks and duties that require my diligent attention.  I can’t read minds, I can’t please everybody, I can’t accomplish everything that I would like to do or that I need to do.  What I can do is be available when I am needed.  I can stop and take time when somebody needs to talk and pray.  I can be consistent and loving whenever I encounter someone.  However, it is important for us all to remember that we have to be realistic and live within our limitations.  That requires us to set aside our pride and acknowledge our failures, our helplessness, and our dependence on the Lord to do his work and to grow his people. 
                I hope next year looks quite different compared to this year.  I hope we have all learned something from 2020.  What has the Lord taught you, I’d love to know.  Email me, message me, call me and let’s talk about it! 

Love, Brother Chad!


Notes From the Pastor’s Study – November 30, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Don’t forget about the Olney Tree Lighting tonight at the Gazebo. I will be leading in some Christmas carols. Rue Rogers, our new mayor, will give a brief address. Come out and support at 6 p.m.

Yesterday was a great day in worship. Our attendance was down and I anticipate that our giving will be down as well. Please make sure you mail or bring your gift in this week. You may also give online.

Shawnee Stoker will be sharing about her mission ministry this Wednesday at Midweek. The service starts at 6p.m. Please come and support her as she shares what is on her heart.

I found this article to be helpful this week: 6 Members Who Build Up the Church

We have a Deacons Meeting this Sunday, December 6 at 8 a.m.
Our Last Sunday Evening meetings for this semester will be this week. We will start back with new studies next semester.

Our Church Reporting Fellowship (business meeting) is December 13 p.m. after the morning Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall. We will discuss the Budget at that meeting. Be sure you are there.

The Associate Pastor Search is moving along. We have some truly great applicants and we would love to hire them all, but we trust the Lord will make it clear to us who is called to be here.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I look forward to worship this Wednesday and Sunday!

Love, Chad


Notes From the Pastor’s Study – October 28, 2020

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters! Don’t Forget that Mid-Week is tonight at 6:00 p.m. Look forward to seeing you.

I enjoyed Sunday worship despite the fact that I had some technical malfunctions on the guitar and was quite frazzle and distracted. I have deduced that the issue was a bad battery! Thankfully a bad battery isn’t the end of the world. Every so often it is important to be reminded that Sunday morning isn’t a show. Technical malfunctions did steal the joy of preaching. I had enjoyed writing the sermon so much and I wanted to get the message across of Numbers 13-14.  I thought the most powerful idea expressed was the idea that the time for obeying will eventually pass.  That doesn’t just mean that when you die it is too late to obey the gospel call.  Obedience is owed every day and in every season.  You will never be able to go back to last week and be obedient.  That chance is gone.  The nature of time is what makes it so valuable.  You have a limited number of days to live.  You will never be able to make more time.  Use it wisely for the kingdom.         

Our attendance is way down all across the board.  The COVID spike is having an effect.  So many are quarantined. We were just about a thousand dollars off budget needs for the week, so please mail your checks to Box 734 or go to and give if you need to. We are still ahead for the year.  Make sure you are all staying connected.  Watch online, make phone calls, send texts, write notes, Facebook message, or whatever you need to do to keep-up with each other.  We all have an obligation to love one another – be mindful of that.    

It is interesting that none of us really have an idea of when our people will feel comfortable coming back to church.  Will it be after a vaccine, or herd immunity, or the development of treatments?  We just don’t know.  I also don’t know how long it will take for us to get back to our pre-COVID level of operation and attendance.  One thing is for sure, we will have an excellent reason to reach out and find out where the entire congregation is spiritually and then to encourage everyone to make gathering a priority.  If you have been out of church for a while and you are reading this.  It will be easy to regroup and re-assimilate when everybody is re-grouping, and the church is being re-vitalized.  It will be an exciting time of ministry.  Let’s start praying for it.           

Trunk or Treat Saturday at 4pm.  It was pretty sad when Sunday Night rolled around and we weren’t able to do our Fall Festival. It was another one of those things about this year that we will remember.  We will take the candy that was donated and hand that out at the Trunk-or-Treat downtown on Saturday.  Randa Betts, and Melissa will decorate their cars and hand out candy, gospel tracks, and information about our church. 

Youth was awesome this past week.  We are studying and thinking about ways to talk about our faith in Jesus.  We are studying a way to witness called Share Jesus Without Fear.  In the next few weeks I may have the kids practice sharing Jesus with you!  We spent some time praying for our new associate pastor that will lead the youth group and we are looking forward to the one the Lord will lead to us.  

I went back to school this month work on a Doctor of Education Ministry degree at Southwestern Seminary in Christian Leadership and Biblical Counseling.  The church voted, on recommendation from the personnel committee, in our last business meeting to help pay for the degree.  The Cooperative Program makes our Southern Baptist Seminaries very affordable.   I applied for a scholarship that will cover some and the church voted to cover the rest.  I cannot tell you how appreciative we are for you doing this.  I’m also thankful that nearly all of the degree is completed online.  I will do my best in school and you can get a copy of my report cards.  I’m already learning a great deal in my classes that will help me be a better pastor.  I don’t really like school, but at the same time I like the constant improvement and introduction of new ideas into my mind.  I hope the learning experience will be a blessing for our church.  I anticipate the degree being completed sometime around the end of 2023.

This coming Sunday we will close our service, with the song “Great Things” which has a line that says “You’ve been faithful through every storm.”  God is always faithful, even if we don’t understand everything that is going on or happening.  Great is his faithfulness. 

Brother Chad


Notes from the Pastor’s Study- October 21, 2020

We will have our Mid-Week Service Tonight at 6:00 p.m. Please try to make it for worship. I will be preaching from Matthew 22 on the Great Commandments. We will start with a fun game for the kids, have a special time of worship music, a sermon, and then we are dismissed. The service usually runs about 45 minutes. I appreciate Brandon filling in while we went to Fields of Faith last week.

Youth: FCA Fields of faith was really different this year. The group from Olney was definitely the smallest of all the contingencies from the other towns. We had a handful of kids from our church that went. I would ask you to pray for our ministry to teenagers in Olney. I appreciate those who work with youth in Olney, especially our teachers and Rodney and Kristy Nantz. It can be really tough soil. Pray that God will move and work in the lives of the young people in this town. If you are a parent of a youth, I want to impress upon you the importance of making sure your kids are at youth. Yes, I’m asking you to make them come. This week we are going to be working on studying certain scripture verses and writing them down in the front of our Bibles so the kids can share Jesus with their friends by just reading with them from the Scripture.

Olney Alcohol Measure: I appreciate the feedback I received on my email to the church family regarding the alcohol issue. I’m sure that in a congregation as large as ours that not everybody agrees with me, but I appreciate your graciousness in considering my position.

This past Sunday (10/18) was a great day in worship at FBCO. I’m loving having everybody back in the praise team. We also have a new edition to the team. Thanks to Summer Branum for joining us on the Keytar!
If you missed Summer and Jessa doing “In His Time” as the special this past Sunday you should go back and watch it on YouTube. The sermon from Numbers 12 was a real joy to preach. I’m looking forward this Sunday (10/25) to preaching chapters 13-14 this week. The sermon is called “Grasshoppers and God Fearers.” Lori is going to sing the special! We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Make sure you are here- unless you feel like you are sick, of course.

Our attendance was down significantly and I know that is due to the spike in COVID-19 cases that have run through our schools, our community and our county. I know we all appreciate the caution that many are showing by staying home if they have symptoms. We have a few church members that are currently suffering with the disease. Please pray for them and their recovery. I have spoken with Jeff Harmon this week and I was encouraged to hear that he is moving toward a recovery, but it will take a while. I know Jeff and Denise all appreciate your love and support.

I love you! I look forward to seeing you tonight at Mid-Week worship!

Brother Chad


Notes From the Pastor’s Study- October 13, 2020

Early voting starts today in Young County. Here is a copy of the sample ballot. As Christians we know it is important to be good citizens. Part of good citizenship in a representative democracy is fulfilling your obligation to vote. I generally steer clear of political controversy. However, there is a proposition on the ballot this year that overlaps with my oversight as a pastor of a local church. I would like to speak to it to those under my care.

This year you will have an opportunity to vote on whether you want liquor stores and bars to be allowed in Olney. You read that correctly. If this measure passes there are already several people who have expressed an interest in putting a liquor store in our town. As a pastor who has seen the negative effects of alcohol abuse in the lives of many people, I wanted to speak to this one issue, because I believe bringing bars and liquor stores into Olney will negatively affect our community.

Several months ago I remember that a man spent several days sitting under a tree at the old Robert’s Flowerland location. On Facebook he had asked people on to come by and sign a petition that would allow him to get a measure on the ballot, that if passed, would allow him to sell alcoholic drinks at a restaurant he planned on opening. Frankly, I did not think that sounded like all that big of a deal. However, I later found out that the measure he put on the ballot will allow for bars and liquor stores to operate in Olney. Out of the 10 options he could have chosen, he chose the most extreme ballot measure. It allows for the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages in liquor stores and bars. It is certainly his right to put that on the ballot, but it is our decision as to whether we want it in Olney.

I think there is a misconception that a vote for “City of Olney Proposition A” is just a vote to help a man have a successful restaurant in Olney. That is not what wound up on the ballot. What is on the ballot is a vote to bring in the full alcohol culture to our beloved town. We already have a significant drug problem. Do we really want ready and unlimited access to the #1 abused drug in rural America? I don’t think we have the resources in Olney to deal with the increased problems that bringing in full-measure alcohol sales will cause.

I personally think this is not good for Olney and I will be voting no. You are free to disagree with me. I will still love you. I hope you will still love me. A vote on City of Olney Proposition A is not a test of fellowship in our body. Each of us has to make a decision, and I will not attempt to bind your conscience one way or another. I’m simply using this platform to inform you of the facts and to give you my opinion on the matter as an individual and as your pastor. I acknowledge that believers can come to a different conclusion than I have reached on this issue.

The Bible speaks of alcohol over 200 times. Sometimes it speaks of alcohol as a blessing, but it also speaks strong warnings against abusing it. There is a non-abusive way that alcohol can be consumed. It is not a sin to drink alcohol. After all, we know Jesus drank wine and he never sinned. However, the overwhelming way alcohol is consumed and celebrated in America is not in line with how Bible contemplates its proper use.

All sorts of arguments can be made on this issue, and let’s face it: it’s a very controversial topic, even within the church. I struggle in writing this post because I try not to stir up controversy on disputable matters. Yet, pastorally, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of the many who might needlessly struggle and have their lives ruined by easier access to alcohol. I feel compelled to stand up for the children affected by alcohol abuse who don’t have a platform or a website or a way to send you message. It is true that we are all responsible for our own actions, but we should always look out for those who might stumble or struggle more than others. We should also be concerned for the welfare of our city and its most vulnerable residents, which include scores of individuals who come here to the House of Mercy seeking a refuge from such temptation. As you arrive at your position on this, please also consider how others might be affected by the passage of this measure.

Brother Chad


Notes From the Pastor’s Study -October 7, 2020

Dear Church Family, 
Mid-Week Service tonight at 6:00 p.m. I’ll be preaching on Philippians 4:1-9.
Make sure you are here!

Sunday was great in our worship service.  We were down in numbers due to COVID cases and quarantine.   I thought the prayers for the sick, the music, and the preaching were all Spirit-led.  The giving was fantastic.  If you haven’t had a chance to get your gift in, please make sure you run that by the office as soon as you can. If you missed the service, here is the link to the sermon:

Here is the latest newsletter:

Hey Deacons, don’t forget we have a meeting is this Sunday at 8:00 am!
Church Reporting Fellowship will be the 18th.  We will have it in the Fellowship Hall directly after church.  No meal will be served. 
BGCT Annual Meeting is November 16-17.  If you can watch from home and participate and would like to represent our church in the voting, let Jan know and she can register you.      

  I know there is a little COVID spike going around.  We’re going to do our best not to cancel church again going forward. Please be careful.   If you have any symptoms or have been exposed, please stay home.  If I get sick with it, we have plenty of guys who can preach and teach.  We have a talented team who can lead music.  All of this will eventually go away.  They warned us this summer that the virus would roar back in the Fall.  This is the pattern of all pandemics.  The other thing to remember is that they eventually do subside.  Things will get better.  Hang in there.  God is good and he is teaching us something during these times if we will listen and learn.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday.   Brother Chad


Notes From the Pastor’s Study September 29, 2020

March for Jesus this Saturday. How wonderful it was to gather Sunday as the Body of Christ. I appreciated Verma’s testimony and exhortation to us to serve outside the four walls of the church. The 22nd March for Jesus is this Saturday, March 3 at 10 a.m. This is a project dear to Verma’s heart. Can I prevail upon you to come out and support her this year for the march? Maybe you’ve never participated in the March for Jesus. Come on out. Bring the kids. Its a lot of fun. We will start marching at 10a.m. from the Tommy Perkins (little) park. We will walk down main street to show our love for Christ and then we will head back to the park and have some music, preaching by Mikey Pasqueda from FBC Archer, and a free lunch. We will give away bikes and new sporting equipment. We will also be giving away a small Oscar Schmidt guitar.

Preaching Update. I preached on Numbers 7 this past Sunday. If you haven’t heard the sermon, here is the link. If you are paying attention, you will notice that I skipped the blessing passage at the end of Chapter 6. I will preach on that this Wednesday. I will also not be preaching Numbers 8. Chapter 8 discusses the lampstand in the tent of meeting and the role of the Levites. I covered the themes and applications that we find in chapter 8 when I preached on Numbers 3-4. We will be in Numbers 9 this Sunday talking about the second observance of the Passover.

Newsletter You can read the latest newsletter here.

Free Flu Shot Clinic. On October 12th from 9-11am United Regional will be here to offer free flu shots in conjunction with our food pantry. There is no fee for the shot and no income test to receive the shots.

Next Business Meeting will be October 18. We will have it directly after the service. There will be no meal served.

Fall Festival Let’s go ahead and start bringing in candy for the festival! The date is October 25.

Giving. If you haven’t brought your gift in for this week, please bring that into the office. We are about $2,000 short of regular budget needs.

The Bi-Fork Associational Meeting is October 4 at 3pm at FBC Seymour. Members of the Missions Committee will be attending. If you would like to go with us then let me know. I anticipate that at this meeting I will be elected to serve as an area representative for Region 2 of the association. We can sent 5 voting messengers to this meeting.

Upcoming State Conventions. We are dually aligned with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas. The BGCT convention will be held online on November 16-17. We can have 19 virtual messengers. If you would like to participate, let me know. The SBTC meeting is in person at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. November 9-10. If you would like to participate in that meeting as a messenger, please let me know. I am anticipating that I will be elected to serve a one year term on the BGCT Executive Board of Directors this November.


Notes from the Pastor’s Study -September 22, 2020

Great Sunday at FBCO on September 20.  197 on campus, several watching online, 150 in Sunday School.  Great spirit in the room.  What a blessing it is to be in church each week with you.  I sometimes wonder if my ministry has had any impact over seven years.  It’s easy to question effectiveness and I’m acutely aware of my failures, weakness, and areas that need improvement to serve you well.  Yet, when I see how you love to hear the preaching, even of a book like Numbers, I can’t help but think that the Lord has grown us all in a love for his perfect, inspired, inerrant, glorious, never-failing, lasting-forever Word! 

Giving was strong on Sunday.  We exceeded budget requirements for the first time in a while.  If you have not brought in your gift, please get that to the office or give online.  Of course, our attendance is nowhere near where it was, but the Lord is moving and working and eventually we will be back to where we were, but it will take work, reaching out and encouraging those who have become disconnected for various reasons.  I would ask that if someone crosses your mind who you haven’t seen in a while, pick up the phone and call them and encourage them with Christian love.   

Sunday Evening classes are going well.  I picked the adult studies because I thought they were unique and interesting.  I know they are a little different than what we have done before, but I think they are edifying.  I hope you are enjoying them.  Rue Rogers and I are having a great time leading the youth on Sunday nights.  I told the kids that as soon as we truly round the corner on this COVID-19 we can do much more together, but we are still having a good time and learning.  I hope we can inspire them in the short time we have them to get a view of a God who loves them and a Savior to whom they can always turn.  I have heard reports from the children’s classes that they are all having a great time as well.

One class I would like for some of you to consider is the Grief-Share class that will meet Sundays at 5pm.  Some of you have recently lost loved ones and for others it has been years.  Learning to deal with grief is important and I would like you to consider attending.  This is a new session that is starting so everybody is starting fresh.  Leigh Stephens is the leader. 

The Mid-Week service was great last Wednesday.  I hope you will consider being a part of it.   It was great to see everybody and to worship together. We had over 60 in attendance. The service lasted about 45 minutes.  I hope you will be a part of it each week.  We are giving the youth the option of attending the mid-week service or attending the Wednesday Night program at the Refuge with Rodney and Kristy Nantz.  One issue we had was with getting volunteers for child-care for some of our evening services.  I told Anna to make a schedule for nursery volunteers and I’m going to sweetly ask everyone to serve their turn, or if you can’t make it one particular night, switch with someone on the list.  Thank you for loving our children and having a heart for them to know Jesus.  Also thank you for making it possible for mothers to have a break from the action to breath and reconnect with the Lord. 

-Bible Drill starts at 5pm on Wednesday nights.
-March for Jesus is October 3, 2020 at the Tommy Perkins park!  Parade at 10am Program to follow at the park.
-Bi-Fork Association meeting is October 3 at 3pm at FBC Seymour for anyone who would like to attend.  Learn more about that at  I think it is great that the first thing that pops up on the website is our parking lot service. 
-We are planning on having the Fall Festival on October 25 from 5-7pm.  Be ready to volunteer for that!

I love you I’m so grateful to the Lord to be your pastor.  I still cannot believe I get to do this for a living.  Live for Jesus this week and I will see you on Sunday!        -Brother Chad


Notes From the Pastor’s Study – September 16, 2020

Tonight is the night! We start our Mid-Week Service at 6:00p.m. We will sing a few songs, have scripture and prayer, and I’ll give a short sermon. I promise. Tonight’s message will be on John 14:27.

Please support the March for Jesus by clicking here and buying a t-shirt. The deadline to order the shirts is September 22.

Sunday Service was incredible. We had 219 on campus and more watching at home. Things are creeping back to normal. Hang in there and come to church. Our giving below budget giving by about $2,000.00. Let’s be sure to stay on top of our giving.  Please bring in your gifts this week so we can catch up.

We met with the architects yesterday to continue to refine plans and work toward a price for new construction. This building will require our time and financial sacrifice. Continue to pray that the Lord will be preparing our hearts for a time of sacrifice that will yield fruit for the Kingdom for many years to come.

HELP, HELP, HELP!! Did that get your attention? I need some volunteers from our church to take an active role in representing FBCO in the Bi-Fork Baptist Association Work. The Annual Meeting is coming up in a few weeks on Sunday, October 4, starting at 3pm at FBC Seymour.  We can have up to five messengers.  It will consist of a business meeting followed by a time of corporate worship.  Hopefully, the entire meeting will be done by 5pm so people can get home in a timely manner. During the business meeting there will be several votes taken to approve important Bi-Fork proposals including: amendments to the Bi-Fork Constitution (that will effectively restructure our association), nominations for and approval of various officers and committees to serve next year, and the 2021 budget.  Many of these proposals can be previewed right now at the website. If you are not serving anywhere, this may be a good ministry in which to be involved. Reach out and let me know.

Our deacon election results are as follows: The following men will serve three year active terms: Dale Lovett, Spencer Key, Chuck Calvin, Matt Searcey, and Freddy Hammond. All of these are ordained so we will not have an ordination service.

Our Sunday Evening classes started this past week and they were all great. It isn’t too late to join any of the classes. Find out about the classes here. We are going to move the Luther class into the Sanctuary because the original room was so too small and too hot! We had great groups in youth, RAs, GAs, Mission Friends, and in the adult classes.