Sermon Archive

January 2018

Are You In The Right Boat Mark 7:31-8:26

Thinking About Traditions Mark 7:1-30

December 2017

I Don’t Get It Mark 6:30-56

Christmas Eve Sermon

The Grim Problem Christmas Presents Hebrews 12:2

The Cost of Following Christ Mark 6:7-32

Christ’s Power Over Sickness and Death Mark 6:7-32

November 2017

Fearless, Faithful Followers of Christ Mark 4:35-5:20

Anybody Got Their Ears On Mark 4:1-34

Insiders and Outsiders Mark 3:7-35

Resistance Mark 2:1-36

October 2017

A Day in the Life Mark 1:21-45

What is Following Jesus? Mark 1:1-20

Flee, Fight, Take Hold, and Pursue Part 2 I Timothy 6:11-16

Flee, Fight, Take Hold, and Pursue Part 1 I Timothy 6:11-16