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September 2018

The Purpose and Meaning of the Death of Jesus

This is the first sermon from our FBCO Fall Revival Meetings.  Brother Mack Tomlinson gives a powerful overview of the Gospel!  

You and Your Bible

This is the second sermon from our FBCO Fall Revival.  Brother Mack Tomlinson preaches a convicting message about the important commitment to spending time reading and “mining” the treasure of God’s Word.

FBCO Podcast 9.11.2018

Chad and C.J. recap the September 9, 2018 FBCO Sunday services.
Music: Music: Lee Rosevere, Credit Roll, Creative Commons License

August 2018

Hope and Holiness


Concerning Salvation

July 2018

Fit for Glory

A Living Hope

Strangers in a Strange Land

June 2018

The Power of Silence

Jesus Before Pilate, His Crucifixation and Death


Standing Outside the Fire

May 2018

The Danger of Self-Confidence

Mother’s Day

The Last Hours