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December 2018

Why Jesus? Part 1

Glory Follows Suffering

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November 2018

Responsibilities and Blessings of Elders

The Passage the Prosperity Preachers Don’t Want You to Read

The End of All Things is Near

1 Peter 4:1-7 The Turning Point

October 2018

1 Peter 3:18-22 Does Baptism Save?

1 Peter 3:13-17 Doing Good and Suffering

The Good Life

Gracious Submission

September 2018

The Reality, the Example, and the Result of Unjust Suffering

FBCO Podcast 09.26.2018

Chad and C.J. recap the last couple of week’s teaching at FBCO.
Music: Lee Rosevere, Credit Roll, Creative Commons License

Religion and Politics

You and the Holy Spirit and Prayer

Mack Tomlinson’s last sermon to our church.  

You and Your Church

In the third service of our FBCO Fall Revival meetings, Mack Tomlinson brings a message about our commitment to our church!  Amazing sermon.